Trip to Sweden


This is a video that was taken on my vacation in Sweden 2021 with Lars Lindeman on his fantastic houseboat named "Marinbo". It lasted 8 days and we visited the NW coast of Sweden with all of its thousands of remote islands, a true paradise for those of us who like to be close to, or even on, the ocean! The video still doesn't capture the peacefulness and serenity of the Swedish West Coast which can only be experienced live! Some of the scenes almost seem unreal but believe me they were just as the video shows them.

It was just after the main tourist season so, as you can see, there were not so many other boats around.


These are a few pictures of our trip to Southern Germany at the end of September. Slide the pictures to the left to see the slideshow. As you can see, the weather was fantastic for the time of year.

The pictures on the left are mainly from the restoration of the "Pfahlbauten", or Pole, Village which dates back to 900 before Christ (bc). An incredible museum with a fascinating history. Highly recommended.